Four Reasons Your Carpet Might Still Look Dirty After A Cleaning

carpet cleaning reading paOne of the most frustrating things that can happen with your carpet is to put all the time into getting it cleaned, only to find that it still looks dirty. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem that can happen for a variety of reasons. From our carpet cleaning pros at Rug Beaters, here are some reasons why your carpet may still look dirty after getting cleaned. 

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Too Much Water

Water will always be an essential part of carpet cleaning. However, if you use too much water it can cause more harm than good, leaving your carpet worse off than it was in the first place. Too much water can sink deep into the carpet, giving it a grayish appearance or making it look like it has no color at all. Not only can it change the appearance, but it’s also common to have a smell arise due to the dampness. With too much water used, you’ll need to dry the carpet, but doing so can be very time-consuming. 

Low-Quality Carpet

The kind of carpet you have matters for how it holds up over time. We recommend investing in quality at the outset by purchasing quality carpets that will hold up over time. Taking the cheap route at the outset will require you to clean the carpet more often, costing you more time and money in the long run. That isn’t to say that you should always buy the most expensive type of carpet out there — simply that you should be conscious of the long-term pros and cons of the type of carpet you choose to buy.

Not Going With A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Maybe you have considered cleaning your carpet on your own or have seen a friend attempt to do the same. To clean your carpet on your own, you would first need to rent professional carpet cleaning equipment. However, this isn’t always that simple. Some carpet cleaning machines may use a lot more water than a professional carpet cleaner’s machine uses and have much less suction. This can lead to excess water being pushed down into your carpet, which can actually make your carpet look worse in the long run. Going with a professional carpet cleaning company, however, will allow you to avoid these troubles and get your carpet cleaned stress-free.

Protective Coating Erosion

Most carpets have a special protective coating that is sprayed in order to prevent early wear and protect it from dirt and spills that too often penetrate the carpet. It allows you to wipe off most dirt and spills with a damp cloth. Over time, this coating can erode due to the amount of traffic that crosses the carpet. The cleaning process itself can also adversely affect it if not done correctly. In general, adding a protective coating to your carpet is a great step for keeping it clean and ensuring its longevity. However, you just shouldn’t take it for granted that this will be all you need to keep your carpet clean.

Don’t settle for subpar carpet cleaning methods that still leave your carpet looking dirty! To ensure that you receive the best possible carpet care in Reading, PA, give us a call at Rug Beater today. Our team has both the training and experience to ensure that you get the results you deserve.