Four Carpet Cleaning Hacks From The Pros

carpet cleaning reading paEffective carpet cleaning typically boils down to a few basic steps, such as vacuuming often, treating stains appropriately, and scheduling regular deep cleanings. However, there are a few other “hacks” recommended by our carpet cleaning team at Rug Beater that also help get the job done. 

Carpet Cleaning In Reading, PA

Below are several examples of how to care for your carpets and how to implement the strategies as well.

Fluff Up Your Carpet

Vinegar and ice are common household items that are extremely helpful for keeping your carpet clean. With vinegar, there are multiple uses, just like baking soda, when it comes to cleaning at home. With carpet care, one usage of these items is to assist in fluffing up high-traffic sections of a carpet and helping the fibers revert to their first appearance. First things first, dilute vinegar with equal amounts of water. Secondly, spray the areas on the carpet that look flattened or have had a large amount of traffic. Once the fibers absorb the mixture, use a spoon or a flattened object to run along the carpet to loosen the fibers, therefore restoring their original texture. You are also able to use this technique with ice. For instance, if there are imprints on your carpet from heavy furniture, let an ice cube melt on the affected area, blot up the moisture, and then fluff the carpet fibers by hand.

Use What You’ve Got

Just like vinegar and ice, you have a lot of other things around the house that can be used to deal with carpet issues. These include baking soda, salt, and shaving cream. Baking soda, mixed with vinegar, can help remedy all but the most serious carpet stains. Salt, sprinkled with a little water, will leave your carpet looking refreshed and a little bit brighter. It can even help get rid of muddy footprints or other similar messes. Finally, shaving cream is a good, general solution for all types of stains that can be done quickly and on a budget. Make sure to use the foam and not the gel shaving cream.

Blot Stains Away

When dealing with stains, blotting, not rubbing, is an essential technique for ensuring that you don’t push the stain deeper into your carpet. Think of blotting as “pulling” the stain up out of the carpet. This is a superior method because you don’t risk making the stain even worse than it was, to begin with.

Vacuum Shag Carpets With Care

Shag carpets are challenging to clean. Most vacuums found in residential areas have a strong suction, which causes carpets to shed their fibers more easily and get sucked in. This causes the carpet to become frizzy or come loose. If you own a pet that sheds fur on a daily basis, the best way to avoid these shedding episodes altogether is by vacuuming only with the hose attachment. You’ll get deep into the roots of the fibers without damaging the weave.

At Rug Beater in Reading, PA, we hope you find these tips helpful for keeping your carpet in good shape. However, don’t hesitate to give us a call for help, especially if a mess persists even after your best efforts.